This is a software usage agreement between Seiko Watch Corporation and the user. A user is defined as one who has downloaded the software either as its entirety or partially to a storage device such as a HDD, or one who executes the software program on computers.

1. Completion, effect, alteration or closeout of the contract

1.1 Users are deemed to have agreed to the conditions and terms as they store the software to the device, or as they use the software. With this agreement, the contract commences.
1.2 Users may closeout the contract by deleting the entire software that they have downloaded.
1.3 Seiko Watch Corporation may rightfully alter or close this contract based on their judgment.
1.4 Users may not claim compensation or any other names to Seiko Watch Corporation in any reasons because of the closeout of this contract.

2. Usage terms

Seiko Watch Corporation allows the users to have a nontransferable right to using the software as free supplies, non-exclusively, based on the terms or within the range of purposes below.
2.1 To version up the watches with GPS functionality that SEIKO NEXTAGE CO., LTD produces.
2.2 To use the software listed in the previous item.
2.3 Any other purposes that Seiko Watch Corporation permits.

3. Prohibitions

3.1 Users may not reproduce the software unless they have an explicit permission in this contract.
3.2 Users may not distribute, rental, lease, lend, or hand over the software to a third party.
3.3 Users may not revise, translate, or adapt the programs, as well as conduct reverse engineering such as decompiling and disassembling.
3.4 Users must follow the applicable legislation and any other laws. In addition, they may not behave in a way that violates the legislation.

4. Copyrights

4.1 All copyrights belong to Seiko Watch Corporation except those which the third party has acknowledged.
4.2 Users are deemed to follow the usage terms which the relevant third party ordained in the use of the software that the third party has copyrighted.

5. Exemption

5.1 Seiko Watch Corporation will not be responsible for any damages (Including damaged data and data loss) that the software has caused for the users or to the third party. Users are deemed to comply with the exemption.
5.2 Seiko Watch Corporation will not be responsible for the warranties listed below.
-operation guarantee
-fitness for particular purpose
-qualification for the results of the use
- reliability assurance of use
-infringement or warranty against defects of the third party
These will be applied if Seiko Watch Corporation had been informed about the possibilities before.
5.3 Based on company’s judgment, Seiko Watch Corporation is allowed to alter, update, deliver or set the royalty of the software.
5.4 The regulations of these terms will be applied to all information that the software contains, regardless of indirect or direct causes.

6. General Provisions

6.1 The Japanese law will be applied to the completion, effect, and fulfillment of this contract.
6.2 The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes arising in connection with this contract.