Philosophy ASICS is the brand name of ASICS Corporation, a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer and seller widely known for professional athletic shoes, sneakers and athletic wear.
Shoes for marathons, track and field, basketball and volleyball are highly popular and readily identified with the ASICS brand.
The name ASICS is an acronym derived from Anima Sana in Corpore Sano – A, S, I, C, S – which translates as "Sound Mind in a Sound Body." The original Latin phrase by the Roman writer Decimus Junius Juvenalis was Anima Sana in Corpore Sano. Originally, anima ( soul ) is described as mens ( intelligence ), but mens has been changed to anima for ASICS to suggest a more active approach.
ASICS sports watches are designed in the tradition of the technologically advanced, high-quality ASICS shoes that have earned the allegiance of many of the world's top athletes.
With their inspirational form signifying positive energy under the themes "Challenge" and "Confidence," these watches employ an advanced shape – case offset well to the left – minimizing interference by the right side with free movement of the wrist. The result is easy wearing, easy viewing and easy operation, all achieved at a high level.
These are watches with all of the functions and convenience of use needed by runners, including buttons laid out for easy operation and the widest possible liquid crystal display.