QDoes the battery deteriorate in case of not in use for a long time?
AYes,it does.
Therefore,we recommend to charge frequently.
QHow do I use this watch?
AIf you couldn’t understand the user’s guide, contact us below at the inquiry form.
QHow long will the battery last?
AThe watch series CQAR01/02/03/04 will last about 3 years.
(CQAH01: 2years, CQAP01:2years, CQAR05/07:2years,CQAR06:3 years)
However, the battery set in this watch when purchase might last longer, due to the fact that the battery is a battery for the operation check, which has been set from the production process. (This operation is general in watch industry. Not only at Asics.)
QDoes 5 bar water resistant (or 10 bar) means that I can dive into water for 50m (or 100m) deep?
AGenerally, watches mentioned 5 bar water resistant (or 10 bar) could be interpreted as they are durable in that hydraulic pressure.
This means that the water resistance is ensured when it is in a resting state. When you move your arms in the water 50m deep, the hydraulic pressure would apply more than a double, which describes us that the water resistance can ensure with the level you could put the watch into the water for a long time. (ex. swimming, kitchen work etc…)
When the watch is mentioned 10bar resistant, they can ensure the level to the 5bar resistant, plus, the level you could scuba dive without using an oxygen bombe.
In addition, avoid using the button when you are in the water as it is written in the user’s guide. (This description is not applied for a diver watch qualified by ISO.)
QHow would the warranty support us?
AThe term of the warranty is 1 years from the purchase.
The coverage would be applied on the watch (movement, case) and the metal band. The watch broken by frictional wear, deterioration, remake, and natural disaster will be excluded.
For a general example, the warranty will not be applied on the broke by an external environment such as the broke of bands, glasses, and buttons but a broke of a normal use. The conclusive decision might be made with checking the actual product. Furthermore, the battery which is set when purchase will not be applied by the warranty.